Art Glass Chandeliers…a New York City classic.

While Chihuly chandeliers are stunning and original, they’re not easily within reach to many of us. Good news, abstract art lighting has been around for centuries and there are many options of experienced providers providing art glass chandeliers.

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Glass Wall Art . . . an interdesigner’s secret

When a piece of blown glass art is mounted onto a wall there is a statement made. The “wow” effect grabs a person’s attention and catapults an individual into a new atmosphere of wonder. This investment of a hand blown glass art work will continue to inspire and awe the people who enter into that space.
You may already own a piece of glass art by a particular artist or a piece which you just find appealing. Whichever the case, by adding a piece or two of wall art glass can further your personalization to your area and create that true reflection your character.
Further information to purchase or collect possible ideas on various ways use wall art glass, visit

hand blown glass wall art installation home

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